How to Use

01  Install the Smartphone App ‘Smartgolf AI Analyzer’ 

02  In the device settings of your phone, turn on Bluetooth and turn on the club.

03  Select the Bluetooth icon of the application and connect.

How to Practice your Swing

01   We have to align the button very exactly upside. (parallel with ground, direction to the sky)

02  First, set the pose(address) and press the button.

-If the clubhead is extended, assume that there is a virtual ball on the floor, set the address for hitting the ball with the head, and then press the button.

03  One more swing!

Think of an imaginary ball on the floor extending from the club head, and after addressing, press the smart button and swing.

In the order of address, backswing and downswing, impact and follow swing, make sure the club shaft angles of address and impact are the same.

If you set the angle app in the analysis panel to 0 degrees, the ball will hit well.

04  To increase your swing speed, follow AI coaching and modify your swing posture.

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