Swing Practice

01 Real-time Swing Tracking

Accuracy of tracking is critical when it comes analyzing a golfer’s swing.

It is important to analyze the entire swing in the order of address, backswing, downswing, impact, and follow-through.

(Real-time app tracking expression of SMARTGOLF)

If you practice golf swing with a existing trainer club, which is shorter in length compare to the real club, the actual impact of hitting the ball does not exist definitely. Therefore, you cannot know whether you’ve missed the ball or hit it after your swing.

(SMARTGOLF detects and expresses inaccurate impacts)

A real golf swing practice tool is a club that can tell you ‘incorrect’ when your swing is incorrect, and help you find the most accurate point of impact.

(Real-time golf swing data analysis, 3D swing trajectory analysis, and artificial intelligence-enabled coaching)

02 Practice with Real club length

Golfers’ efforts to practice swing for improving their golf skills lead to swing with short-length stick.

If the actual length is different, the muscles will work differently. Thus the muscle sensing of a 110cm club and 60cm are different. If an adult person swings 60cm with a stick, the swing form is likely to be damaged. Practice swing with patented SMARTGOLF, which is elaborately scientifically designed.