Even if you’re successful in hitting the golf ball during practice, golfers will never stop striving to hit further, in a more precise manner. In order to improve your golf swing, the swing must be understood in its entirety.

(See your swing trajectory reconstructed as a 3D image, and check the differences in the backswing and downswing angles)

SMARTGOLF produces 3D images that enable you to see the difference in angles of your backswing and downswing, understand the trajectory of the golf club at impact, and adjust the swing accordingly.

Information acquired through tracking the user’s golf swing in real time is analyzed on the swing analysis panel in various aspects.

(SMARTGOLF AIX’s swing analysis panel)

(The meaning of the analysis panel)

In addition to information typically provided by high-price simulators such as Dual TrackMan®, SMARTGOLF provides unique swing information that is critical.

(SMARTGOLF AIX’s simple swing analysis panel)

For example, in the speed section, the user can not only conveniently check the speed at the golf club’s head, but also the point at which the speed is highest in the trajectory (before, after, or at impact) of the swing to find out what areas need improving.

(understand where you produce the highest speed during the trajectory of the swing, whether it is before or after impact)

Additionally, the Angle Gap section that is uniquely available in SMARTGOLF shows the angle of the golf club shaft, and how they differ during the address and the impact.

(The SMARTGOLF Angle Gap analyzes the impact despite the short length of the trainer)

Trainer swing clubs that are shorter than real golf clubs are ideal for indoor practice. However, users tend to swing with a lack of focus because they’re not actually hitting a golf ball.

Practicing with incorrect swings repeatedly will lead to an undesirable outcome as muscle memory will kick in and your body will become used to the incorrect movement.


(The 30 centimeter-long Leader Strap attached to a short trainer club to complement its weakness)

SMARTGOLF was conceived through over 10,000 instances of tests, analyses, tunings, and evaluations together with tour pro golfers, coaching pro golfers, and amateur golfers. It was certified by a South Korean certification agency with 95% accuracy for swing analysis, and 100% accuracy for ball trajectory imaging, the first for any mobile golf app.

SMARTGOLF conducted a test comparing the IMU sensor-enabled SMARTGOLF AIX’s swing analysis to the swing analysis generated by TRACKMAN, which is sold at approximately KRW 20 million, under strict testing conditions enforced by a pro golfer. As a result, SMARTGOLF AIX’s results were a 95% match with the results of TRACKMAN.

Many golfers are unfamiliar with this kind of swing analysis tool, and have difficulties understanding the essential data surrounding the swing. Beginners often have problems in multiple areas including swing path, pace, and club speed. SMARTGOLF displays the most problematic parameter among them.

(The 2022 SMARTGOLF AIX displays the main problematic area after the user makes a swing)