Swing Practice is Hard.

  • – Difficult to visualize and understand what’s wrong with your swing.

  • – Difficult to improve your swing by yourself.

  • – Requires intensive work, time and money.

Now, the SMARTGOLF Solution

The club for capture your swing
+ An Application for Swing Analysis/Simulation

1. Connect

Connect the SmartGolf Club with the SmartGolf App via Bluetooth connection.

2. Swing

Set address and conduct your swing after “Start” sound.

3. Visualize

Observe your swing data from precision sensors in the SmartGolf Club.

4. Analyze/Learn

Analyze the swing trajectory, tempo, face/path angle etc. and adjust siwng according to AI coaching.


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Registered Patent in the United States and South Korea.


Grip Vibration

On impact, or when the swing angle is at a supposed impact point, the grip will vibrate indicating that the ball has been hit.

LED Head

The LED Head indicates the connection status and also the right/wrong form of the swing. Normal swing forms will have the LED in blue while irregular or ‘bad’ forms will indicate the LED in red.


Swing and Instant Observation/Feedback

Visualize your Swing.

Watch how SmartGolf captures the exact swing of the golfer

Play Video