About us

Our Story

Our team is from all over the world, having studied, grown up and lived everywhere from the USA to Korea passing through the UK, people often ask us how we came to be and the answer is Golf!

All of us being huge Golf enthusiasts, we were brought together by this common passion for golf and have been working tirelessly to bring our vision to reality.  

United by golf, we are SMARTGOLF.


Our vision

Between our jobs, studies and personal relations, finding time to practice golf can be very difficult so what can you do? Practice a couple hours a week? Spend all your free time practicing and risk your family’s wrath? How about practicing for as long as your want wherever you might be while being close to your family?

Our vision is to create a device capable of bringing the practice range as well as the field to you so you can finally practice whichever skill you want whenever you desire! The SMARTGOLF club and putter are designed exactly for this!

Don't let your passion go to waste, take the time to perfect your skills with SMARTGOLF