Modern Golf

Advanced Sensor Technology | Effective Golf & Accessible SmartGolf 3D

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Decisive & Precise

LED level indication / Laser aim and effective design for the course

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Designed to reduce your score

Award winning steel mallet with advanced components gurantees improvement and reduction in scores

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Ultimate Solution

Effective golf clubs integrated with advanced motion sensors allowing the most accurate 3D analysis of your swing. Focus on your swing, let us do the calculations.


Perfect Level & Aim

Utilize the level indicator and laser alignment for a square stroke

Precision & Stability

Designed to reduce your strokes on the green. The steel mallet putter guarantees a square putt with improved accuracy.


Quality Golf Equipment

Introducing advanced motion sensor technology accompanied by quality craftsmanship hailing from Asia's Golf/Tech Mecca, Seoul.

Bring effectiveness and practicality into your Golf.


Product focus

Effective Mallet & Advanced Sensor Technology

  • Stable/Balanced Position

    Obtain perfect balance at setup and a square stroke.

  • Precise Live Analysis

    Analyze your stroke with connection to the SmartGolf app. Play a simple game on the virtual green.

  • Accurate & Square Putt

    Built-in laser alignment on the face to ensure perfect aim at the ball and alignment to the hole.

  • Game-Changing Equipment

    Designed as an effective face -balanced mallet, the Smart Putter is an advanced form of equipment on the course.

  • Your Exact Swing

    Patented advanced sensor technology captures your exact swing and stroke for the most precise analysis.

  • Reduce your score

    Accurate 3D observation on the putting stroke. Vital information on the stroke rhythm, tempo and angle can be analyzed.

  • Virtual Putting

    Practice getting used to different types of green (rough,lie,course) and distance control. Have some fun in your putting practice.

SmartGolf System

Game changing / Innovative / Accessible
Smart Putter

Putt with the Smart Putter and capture your exact stroke for analysis, or utilize the distinctive features to build an effective muscle memory.

SmartGolf App

The swing data is processed by the app and portrayed by a 3D avatar and swing analysis. Observe, inspect, and compare your exact swing and practice.

Virtual Golf

With the SmartGolf virtual courses and environment, practice on a realistic golf course. Play and experience the course with friends and family at home.


SmartGolf Experience

"I was quite surprised to find out where my putter was actually facing. The laser really helped me build a more consistent stroke and a better feel with my putting."

"Really like the concept of having a putter that can act as a great training aid but also a regular mallet on the course. Had a lot of doubts before using it, but all cleared after the first putt on the green."

"Most of my struggle with putting was at setup position and maintaining a level stroke. This putter acts as the most adequate way to ensure a square setup and a smooth putting stroke."

"Your putter is more important than you think. With the Smart Putter, you will exercise with accuracy and excellence The result you will see immediately on the green. I would never miss this again."