Advanced analytical solutions at anywhere anytime


Grasp Your Movement

 SmartGolf measures your exact swing and movements allowing for the most precise analysis and observation of your swing and stroke. From designing your swing to the virtual Golf course, SmartGolf is the solution.

Design to Perfection

By observing your exact swing movement after the actual swing, seize the analysis to figure out what is going on with the head,swing and tempo. Then re-design your swing for maximum performance and travel distance.

Connect your SmartGolf clubs to any mobile device. Anywhere and anytime.

Swing It

Swing and witness your exact movement being captured by the avatar in real-time kinematics. 

Crop & Analyze

Observe your recorded swing, focus on parts you prefer and improve the analyzed weak points.

Smart Putter

Designed to reduce your strokes on the green. The steel mallet putter guarantees a square putt with improved accuracy.

SmartGolf Club

World's first built-in swing analyzer. Real-time swing analysis and a full 3D visualization of the swing (Tempo, Head Speed, Attack/Path/Face Angles, Rhythm, etc)


SmartGolf Experience

"I was quite surprised to find out where my putter was actually facing. The laser really helped me build a more consistent stroke and a better feel with my putting."

"Really like the concept of having a putter that can act as a great training aid but also a regular mallet on the course. Had a lot of doubts before using it, but all cleared after the first putt on the green."

"Most of my struggle with putting was at setup position and maintaining a level stroke. This putter acts as the most adequate way to ensure a square setup and a smooth putting stroke."

"Your putter is more important than you think. With the Smart Putter, you will exercise with accuracy and excellence The result you will see immediately on the green. I would never miss this again."