Spine Centered Circular Motion

2021-04-20 14:20
The golf swing represents a means of creating and transferring energy through movement. The ability to transfer that energy to the club is the most important factor in how fast and efficiently one swings the club. In order to do this we need to be aware of the 3 circular motions that work together during the swing. Here we will be focused on the spinal circular movement.

The spine angle is the amount of forward bend towards the ball that one establishes at address. It is extremely important to maintain your spine angle during the swing so that the body can rotate in a fluid and natural way around it without deviating to another plane. This makes it much easier to return the club face square into impact for increased accuracy and consistency.

The head or top of the spine will act as a fixed point and you then need to swing in a pendulum type movement and try to keep the spine angle the same throughout the swing. This motion, or lack thereof, will allow you to generate power without sacrificing distance.

The Smart Club allows you to work on this spinal circular movement whenever and wherever you like and helps focus on your rotation while avoiding moving upwards or swaying sideways. To be a consistent striker of the ball we need to keep the spine relatively still while swinging the club and the Smart Club is a great tool to train the body and muscle memory to do exactly that.