Eye position When Putting

2021-04-15 14:28
One of the most important factors in putting is alignment. If you’re confident your ball and clubface are lined up with the read you’ve chosen, it will free up your stroke. This leads to the next important factor in putting which is consistently making the impact with the center of the ball.

If you want to roll your ball on the correct line you need to aim your putter face where you want the ball to start. To do this it helps to align your eyes square to the putter face and the starting line.

Most golfers are taught to align with their eyes directly above the middle of the ball (as seen above in the left image). However, a more effective way of ensuring you make an impact with the center of the ball is to align with your eyes above the actual impact spot (as seen above in the right image). To make this easier the ball should be slightly forward of the middle of your stance when lining up a putt.

With the Smart Putter, this is highly beneficial as this allows you to monitor more accurately where the laser is pointing throughout the stroke. Ideally at setup, the laser will be pointing at the middle of the ball and the putter will be perfectly balanced and level (as indicated by the LED level indicator). Then during the stroke, we need to make sure the laser stays pointed at the middle of the golf ball to ensure a solid strike from the sweet spot of the putter. By having our eyes aligned directly above the impact point we are able to monitor this with more accuracy and efficiency and thus increase the consistency of our putting stroke. This will ultimately lead to more holed putts and the lowering of our handicap.