Wrist Centered Circular Movement Drills

2021-04-20 14:23
The wrists play a crucial role in the golf swing and it is important to constantly work on the wrist hinge and understand how to release the club to ensure maximum accuracy and power. It is vital that we hold the club with the correct grip pressure. Most golfers tend to hold the club too tightly which makes it extremely difficult to hinge and release the wrists appropriately.

A good measure is to hold the club as tightly as you can and then just let it sit in your hand as loosely as possible. Once you have an accurate idea for how each of these feels, grip the club in the middle of these two extremes (50% of maximum strength) and this will be the ideal grip strength. Complete the below drills with this grip.

Wrist-centered pendulum at address position

Simply take up your normal address position and then rotate the wrists backwards and forwards while keeping the hands in the same position. This will strengthen the wrist muscles and improve flexibility for a quicker rotation (angular change) during impact.

Wrist hinge up and down

Hold the Smart Club out in front of you parallel with the ground and simply use your wrists to move the club straight up and down without moving your arms. Keep your wrists centered in your body. Point the club at the sky and then down towards the ground as far as you can comfortably go. This is great for wrist strength and helps improve wrist flexibility to later allow you to hinge the wrists more effectively.

Wrist hinge side to side

Hold the Smart Club out in front of you parallel to the ground. Keep your arms fixed and use just your wrists to take the club back and forwards. On the backswing your forearms will have a gap and then focus on the forearms touching as your right wrist overtakes your left wrist. This builds wrist strength and flexibility but is crucial for understanding how the wrists work during the swing and the role they play in releasing the club correctly.