Shoulder Centered Circular Movement Drills

2021-04-20 14:18
The shoulders play a crucial role in the golf swing and getting a full shoulder turn is vital if we want to achieve maximum power and consistency. Many amateurs pick the arms up instead of turning the shoulders. As seen below this is how the shoulders should operate.

To monitor your shoulder turn swing the Smart Club back and focus on bringing the left shoulder under your chin at the top of the backswing (as seen in 2nd image). This helps rotate the shoulders fully and ensures orientation of your head remains in the proper place.

On the downswing focus on the position of the right shoulder. Make a slow motion swing to begin with and stop when the right arm and Smart Club shaft are parallel to the ground and pointing towards the target on the follow through. Your right shoulder should be under your chin, with your shoulders forming roughly 90 degree angle to the target line (as seen in the last image).

Practice this every day with the Smart Club to build the muscle memory and train your shoulders to move in a circular motion backwards and forwards without you having to think. The beauty of the Smart Club is you can practice this anywhere anytime, whether it be at home or in the office.

Simply put, you need to focus on getting your left shoulder under your chin on the backswing and your right shoulder under your chin when following through. This is a simple and effective way to utilize the Smart Club and boost accuracy, efficiency and power.