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Finding The Sweet Spot

As with any golf club, a putter has a sweet spot. It’s an area in the center of the club where the ball will feel its best when hit from there. Hitting the ball in the center of the putter face is extremely important, as the ball will come off the putter the same straight way every time. This makes it a lot easier to judge the distance and consistently make accurate putts. By hitting the ball off-center of the putting face, it becomes impossible to judge how the ball will react and the distance it will travel.

Putting Drills To Improve Aim and Stroke

Putting is the most important part of golf and players are constantly searching for effective practice drills and methods to improve their stroke. To ensure success on the putting green one must be able to aim the ball where one intends and then putt the ball along that line. Most players seldom achieve consistently accurate aim and thus find it difficult to know whether their stroke is correct or not. Below are a few reliable putting drills and methods that are used to assist in these areas.

Putting Movements

Putting Movements
There is a wide variation of putting techniques used among both skilled and average golfers. The pendulum action stroke was widely advocated for being the most effective in terms of controlling accuracy and distance control. However, this stroke has its problems and this is evident in how many pros still struggle with putting and regularly miss short putts.