Virtual Golf Game/Drills

Journey to the Virtual Course with Your Swing

SmartGolf Virtual Golf (SmartGolf App – ios/Android) is the world’s first virtual golf gaming system where users can hit the ground with their own swings. With this mobile golf simulator, golfers can carry on the momentum of playing on the course in winter seasons or in their homes, offices and anywhere.

Your Body, Your Swing


Adjustable Avatar Physical Characteristics

Adjust and utilize Avatar DNA parts to design the avatar as your own unique character. The length and width of the body will affect the recorded swing and analysis. The SmartGolf avatar incorporates advanced technology to have the avatar resemble the user’s exact body. For precise analysis taking the lengths and widths of the user’s arms and legs, the avatar customization component serves as a precision tool that will eliminate the gap between helpful analysis and ineffective data.

Effective Putting Games and Drills

  • Target Aim – The distance target is situated around the hole. From a 9 meter distance, practice distance control by aiming for the hole, if not the inner circles. Cover distance control by practicing with Target Aim mode even with a lack of actual physical space. 
  • Tunnel Drill –  Develop stroke memory and gesture that will ensure a straight putt. With the virtual tunnel in place, practice aiming at setup and securing the straightness of your putt. 
  • Practice Green – Utilizing the muscle memory and feel obtained from the Target Aim and Tunnel Drills, try out putting on a virtual green that takes grass, lie, the terrain in effect. The perfect environment to get the real experience of the putting green.

Ensuring Improvement and Fun 


Since February 2015, SmartGolf has been the first mobile game that allows players to enjoy virtual putting with their own swings. ​Advanced IoT technology in the SmartGolf equipment allows the 3D avatar to portray the player’s exact swing in detailed muscle movement. The gaming aspect of the Smart Putter and SmartGolf represents our mission. Regardless of the weight of the matter of practice, if users and golfers fail to obtain any level of joy even with practicing, the lively aspect of the sport will be lost and would not be considered leisure. We wish to bring joy into Golf practice bringing improvement to SmartGolfer’s doorstep sooner.

Start Improving


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