8 tips to practice your swing even during winter season.

It’s cold outside, getting more and more reluctant to go out on a course? Every year it’s the same problem during the off-season: what should we do to not lose our game? We decided to summarize for you 8 tips to help you out!

1)      Screen golf

If you are lucky to have a screen golf near your place, it’s obviously one of the best way to practice your swing while staying warm. You can choose among a great selection of courses and also calculate the direction and speed of your ball. Screen golf used to be expensive but the price has for sure gone down.

2)      Practice mirror

Practice mirror is a great indoor way to improve your swing. It’s a good method to review your swing plane without electronic help such as swings recorder or analyzer with 3D swing planes. With the mirror you can correct yourself.  Look in the mirror how your arms and body are positioned and adjust it. If you do it regularly you can improve swing plane and consistency of each swing. 

3)      Dry swing

You can work your flexibility but also your strength with dry swing. Hitting without any balls can also improve your grip. Do it several times every day. You can also practice with heavier club it will develop in a faster way the motor memory of your body.

4)      Yoga, Pilates & Squats

Yoga will help your stability but also your flexibility. Same does the Pilates. To work even more you can do some squats with weights in order to get your glutes stronger. This will intensify your power while swinging.

5)      Mental

Before each swing you should create a routine which will help you relaxing and also being more confident. Indeed, if you look at golfers, everyone gets their own path before shooting. Working on your own routine is a good way to naturally process it without thinking. This will be a benefit for your level of stress.

6)      Watch golf channels

Can sound silly but this is still a way to improve yourself while staying warm. Watching other’s game, their good swings and their mistakes will increase your ability to quickly detect yours.

7)      Snookers and pool billiard

Maintaining your focus and discipline can be difficult during the winter break, for post/pre-season we recommend you to keep on maintaining your mind with snooker or billiard. These are indoor sports for you to continue with mental practice and a very appreciated off-season game among many golfers. Golf is a disciplinary sport, each hit need your fully focus, billiard demands the same focus and finger top feeling. Also, there are researches showing that changing sport for each season actually improves your game and also raise the value of entering the new season.

8)      Outdoor is still practicable

Yes, during winter you can still go outside. But you should prepare yourself well. For example, don’t take the golf cart but walk instead, it will keep you warm. You should also keep the balls warm because a cold ball will never get you to go as far as you want. You can use hand warmer to keep the balls warm but also for yourself between each swings. 

Happy Holidays!

From the Smartgolf Team.

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