Don't Ever Say This To Beginner Golfers

If you’re a decent player and have a friend that’s picking up the game, you’re probably giving them mini lessons every time you’re at the range or course together. We love seeing golf infused with new blood, but we’re guessing you’re not a professional swing coach. Which means, you could ultimately be doing more harm than good when it comes to your friend’s swing.

Jason Birnbaum, the Director of Instruction at Manhattan Woods Golf Club and one of the golf instructors at GolfDigest, says that the worst thing you can say to a beginner golfer is rattle off all of those clichés, such as:

  1. Keep your head down
  2. Keep your eye on the ball
  3. Straighten your left arm
  4. Keep your head still
  5. Pause at the top
  6. Swing slower

“Most of these are detrimental to any golfer,” says Birnbaum. “They create tension and are terrible swing thoughts when it comes to improvement.”

Instead, Birnbaum says to tell beginners to make half swings and to use a tee anywhere.

“You want to give them every chance to succeed early,” says Birnbaum.

Oh, and one more important thing: Don't keep score.

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