Improve Your Practice Routine To Shoot More Consistent Scores


“I want to be more consistent.” This wish is listed often at the top of a golfer's wish list. 

If your goal is to shoot lower scores more consistently, your practice routine starts to become more important. Practice makes permanent, and you really should practice how you play. This means you need to have a relaxed but focused mindset, have a specific plan or list of goals for the day, and make every shot count.


Here are a few simple rules to follow that will allow your practice sessions to become more productive:

1. Always have a goal in mind when you practice

2. When working on mechanics, don’t worry about where the ball is going. Work on your golf swing, not hitting shots. Work towards developing a feel to use while on the course.

3. When working on hitting golf shots, always go through your pre-shot routine, have a target, and always switch clubs allowing for a two club gap (8 iron to 6 iron, or 6 iron to 4 iron).

4. Practice course management and controlling your golf ball by reading the situation, planing the safest and easiest shot to hit, and executing what you are trying to do without being afraid to fail.

5. Last but not least, practice with the world's first smart golf club. Our club will not only help you to practice whenever and wherever you are, but also record the most important aspects of your swing and help you to understand you strong points and weaknesses.


 Source: GolfTEC

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