DIY impact trainer: The moment of truth.

Make your own impact trainer and practice at home!

Here’s how you can improve your accuracy by learning the feel of a correct ball impact at home.

What you'll need:

  • Old clothes or towels
  • 1 heavy duty trash bag
  • Tape (optional)
  • 1 iron of your choice

Now what?

  1. Fill the bag with clothes and or towels. Before closing the bag, remove enough air to create a dense pillow shape as illustrated below.

  2. In an open space, place the tape on the floor to mark a straight line. You can also place a broom or any long stick flat on the floor.

  3. Place the bag along the line so that they are parallel to each other. The tape is simply used to obtain a better visual of the outcome of your swing post-impact.

  4. Practice a regular swing aiming at the center of the bag. Start with slow and steady swings.

What you want to look at:

The purpose of this drill is to learn the correct feel at impact, to hit that solid sweet spot every time. Also, to encourage you to stay behind the ball at impact. The bag will show you whether your swing is outside-in or inside-out. Make small swings from the point where your arms are parallel to the ground in your downswing.

Hitting too much with the heel will result in an outside-in shot, which will cause the left corner of the bag to shift up more significantly.

Whereas hitting too much with the toe will result in an inside-out swing, causing the right corner to shift forward.

Practice hitting solid shot with the face of your club repetitively and familiarize yourself with the feel of hitting the sweet spot. This will feel like a solid hit to the bag, shifting the bag straight back.

Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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