Play, Practice, Analyze

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Deep analysis

Analyze in real-time your strokes from the Tee-off point to the green and instantly fix your move!

Replay your shots wherever you are and monitor your progress from your very first try to your last

All you need to improve your game at your fingertips! 

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Golf Simulation!

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The more the merrier! 

Challenge your friends via the SMARTGOLF app and put your new skills to the test in this ultra realistic simulation taking wind, temperature and many more factors into consideration.

All in real-time!

Watch how your opponents are doing in real-time, analyze their moves and enjoy a realistic match!


Just play!

Putt your ball into the hole, check your score card and move onto the next the hole!

Check out these images of a SMARTGOLF match!




Your own avatar!

Customize your in-game avatar and play around with it. Choose the name, gender, height, weight, clothes and much much more, your imagination's the limit!


Seamless setup