By Garrett Hullfish 

Unless you have an incredible amount of time and money, most people aren’t able to enjoy the game of golf more than a few times a year. This is certainly a problem in a sport which requires hours of weekly practice to maintain muscle memory and form. Enter SmartGolf and its product built to accommodate anyone’s busy schedule. With it, anyone has the ability to practice their backswing whenever, wherever.

SmartGolf is more than just another screen golf product. All anyone needs to use the product is the club itself and a smart device like a computer or phone. Designed to be a bit shorter than a real driver, its size essentially assures smashing of furniture is a non-issue. Whether users need a quick breather from work or the driving range is just too far away, SmartGolf offers time and convenience to squeeze a few swings in.

Powerful sensors within the club itself calculate its relative position in real-time. Using inverse kinetics, the complimentary application shows exactly how users generate their swing. When it detects improper movement, the app signals the error in order for the user to fix it on the next swing. The application is compatible with any device running AndroidiOS, or Windows PC.

Connecting the club to the application functions just like connecting to a home’s wireless internet — furthermore, the club even sends out its own Wi-Fi signal. Owners sync the club by simply connecting a phone or computer to it and launching the application. From there, they have the ability to check out metrics, change their avatar, and even play a game on a virtual golf course. In other words, it’s the next best thing to actually swinging on the green.

JM KimComment