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Observation and analysis of your swing are vital for improvement in Golf. The SmartGolf Club measures every aspect of your swing and offers in-depth analysis/replay with the world’s first 3D avatar system. 

Advanced motion sensors equipped in the inner parts of the grip measure the exact swing, then sends the data to the SmartGolf app via Bluetooth connection. 

With the SmartGolf Club – 

  • Replay your exact swing on each phase of the swing (setup, back, impact and follow). 
  • Analyze your head speed, face/path angle and details on the impact point. 
  • Observe the movement of the head throughout the entire swing (3D perspective)

SmartGolf Swing Analysis


SmartGolf 360 Perspective

Impact Analysis


Trajectory View


The SmartGolf Club and app offers virtual Golf courses that can be enjoyed with real swings via the SmartGolf Club. 

SmartGolf App 

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iOS Link 

SmartGolf WiFi Version (Legacy)

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iOS Link

3D Analysis 

 Mobile Course Demo