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Smart Putter

Smart Putter


Smart Putter

Maintaining balance in rhythm and precise aim is key to your success in putting. The Smart Putter helps you maintain perfect balance and aim, and provides precision 3D analysis/drills to improve your putting.

  • The built-in LED level indicators on the head show the exact level of the head allowing you to keep track of the level and maintain perfect balance
  • The laser pointer on the face allows precision alignment between the putter, ball and target. Square and well-aimed putt can be achieved. 
  • SmartGolf motion sensor technology allows you to observe and analyze your rhythm, speed, tempo, angle and much more. 
  • The Smart Putter sends real-time stroke data to the SmartGolf app via Bluetooth connection, guaranteeing effective practice anywhere anytime.
  • Try out the 3 putting drills offered by the SmartGolf app ( Tunnel Drill, Target Practice and a virtual putting game )
  • Available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store


Perfect Setup

Track the exact level of the putter head at setup. The perfect balance will be the start in making absolute and firm putting. 

The LED level indicators glow according to the exact level of the head. Red indicators will glow singling that the the head is unbalanced and tilted against the glowing side. 


Precise Aim & Instant Analysis


It is vital to maintain a squared aim from setup to the follow during the stroke. A precise aim is the start and maintaining the proper aim will result in a straight putt to the target. 


The built in laser at the face of the putter head indicates where the center of the head is facing. Have the laser pointing the center of the ball and path for a guaranteed straight&square putt. 

Build the accurate and firm muscle memory with the laser for the course regardless of time and space. 





SmartGolf App 

Android Link

iOS Link 

SmartGolf WiFi Version (Legacy)

Android Link

iOS Link

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** CE Mark/ FCC Certification all received for the Smart Putter for safety in accordance with the product safety regulations in the European Union and the U.S.A.

Smart Putter is accompanied by 24/7, 365 days live support channel. With the world's most advanced putter, we provide the most effective and passionate support team that will help and guide our users with any questions or problems with the Smart Putter. 


Contact us through the web live chat, support page, or our support contact at contact@smartgolf.biz.



Perfect Balance & Aim

Secure it with muscle memory training

  • Stable Stroke

    Obtain perfect balance at setup and track the exact balance of the head througout the stroke.

  • Precise Live Analysis

    Analyze your stroke with connection to the SmartGolf app. Play a simple game on the virtual green.

  • Accurate & Square Putting

    Built-in laser alignment on the face to ensure perfect aim at the ball and alignment to the hole.

  • Game Changing Design

    Designed as an effective face-balanced mallet, the Smart Putter is a decisive piece of equipment on the course

Technical specifications

Advanced Premium Mallet

  • Motion Sensor

    With the most accurate and precise motion sensor technology in the industry, the Smart Putter's patented technology allows a thorough analysis on the stroke.

  • Club Design

    Designed and manufactured by a South Korean Professional Club maker "Ahwa", the Smart Putter's steel mallet is a decisive form of equipment on the green.

    Face-Balanced mallet type putter

    Length : 35 inches (88.9cm)

    Weight: Head 0.846 pounds (384g) Total 1.33 pounds (605g)

    3 degress of loft with 72 degrees of lie

  • Certified

    FCC, CE certified as a safe product ready for consumer usage. USGA conforming equipment testing in process.