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Effective and Accessible

A Smart Method for a Smart World

Golf is a great sport. It is a sport that requires dedicated and deliberate practice for maximum experience and performance. We continue to innovate practice methods and technology to allow players of all levels and class to practice and enjoy the sport without any limitation in space, time and funds. We offer realistic practice methods and equipment that is both effective and accessible.

Comprehensive Golf App

All in one mobile IoT for your Golf

 With the mobile SmartGolf contents, we aim to break down the barrier that keeps players from fully enjoying golf. From realistic virtual golf games to e-commerce apparel shops, we aim to create a whole experience. Play, practice, shop and most importantly enjoy the great sport with one final app. 



SmartGolf Product Roadmap


 With the release of the SmartGolf Club in 2015, we have marched on the journey to bring accessible and advanced IoT Golf products and services to the world. With the official release of the Smart Putter on 2018, a new series of swing analyzers has spawn making it the igniting light in our journey.