SMARTGOLF Putter Kickstarter May 23rd!

SMARTGOLF Putter Kickstarter Campaign launch date announcement

SMARTGOLF is launching another Kickstarter campaign on May 23rd! 

After the successful launch last year for the SMARTGOLF club, now its time for the putter. 

The SMARTGOLF putter is a new product from our lab and it is a whole new story. 

Of course it is SMARTGOLF's unique swing analyzer and trainer that analyze your swings

and strokes with our SMARTGOLF App. However the putter has a LED panel and a laser point

that allows the golfer to check his or her stability and aim with our without the App! 

Most importantly! unlike the SMARTGOLF club, the golfer can practice with an actual golf ball

with the SMARTGOLF putter.

For more information please visit SMARTGOLF Putter!

See you soon in Kickstarter May 23rd! 


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