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SMARTGOLF Launches Innovative Practice Putter via KickStarter

By: Golfshake Editor | Mon 15 May 2017

Having already created the revolutionary and highly regarded SMARTGOLF Club, the team behind that innovation will be launching a KickStarter campaign, May 23rd 2017, for their latest imagining, the SMARTGOLF Putter, which has been engineered to help regular golfers with busy and active lives to practice their putting at their convenience irrespective of the location, just by connecting their putter to a phone, tablet or any smart device at their disposal.

Raising the question, “What’s the point of having a passion if you don’t do anything with it?” one member of the crew followed up with an explanation, “With SMARTGOLF, we try to make sure that everyone who loves golf like us gets a chance to fully enjoy this amazing sport by practicing whenever they want and for as long as they want, even 10 minutes per day!”

The SMARTGOLF putter was made to assist golfers around the world to practice in a realistic and flexible manner by equipping their putter with a set of sensors recording precisely each move the putter is making, sending this data to the player’s phone via Wi-Fi emitted by the club and providing professional insight as to how the user can improve everything from the posture to face angle.

However, the SMARTGOLF putter can also be used without the presence of a phone or tablet thanks to its On/Off LED balance control system and laser pointer for practicing anywhere. Elegant and carefully crafted, the SMARTGOLF putter is a great choice as a practice or ordinary putter, allowed to be used everywhere and even during competitions providing the training system is off.

The team behind this product have already created the highly recommended SMARTGOLF Club, the world's first high-tech swing trainer that was also funded successfully via KickStarter two years ago and are now ready to change the way golf is practiced around the world once again.

For more information about the company, visit their webpage at

The KickStarter campaign is due to launch on Tuesday 23rd May 2017.

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