Our Kickstarter Story

Preparing for our kickstarter campaign has been an incredible journey. Our team of golf enthusiasts were on a mission to solve a problem of many amateur golfers: the lack of time and the high cost of golfing. We began building the idea of a golf club that could be used anywhere, provide golfers accurate and helpful coaching information to improve their swing, and create a sense of inclusion amongst the family and friends of golf enthusiasts.

After more than a year of development, our international team finished the first Smart Golf club prototype and decided to launch a fundraising campaign on the famous crowd-funding website Kickstarter. The only thing we needed to turn our idea int to reality was funding. After countless long nights and rigorous testing, we launched our Smart Golf campaign on May the 1st, 2015.

Throughout the campaign, our developers succeeded in upgrading the interface of the swing analyzer on May the 22nd . The user interface you can see in the video will be quite different from what it is now. We created an interface with a simpler design that is easier to navigate and understand for any first time user at any skill level; and we  continue to make updates and improvements to our software and app.

On June the 4th, our campaign reached its goal of $20,000 USD, leaving us with even more enthusiasm and motivation to bring you the best of Smart Golf. Our campaign lasted 45 days and ended on June the 15th, managing to raise a total of $21,966 USD.


After KickStarter

Our team is now more dedicated than ever on the development of our product. Thanks to the support of our backers, we are able to make further improvements with user interface and various functionality on our app before production in mid August. Our team is eager to present the fruits of our hard labor very soon.



Backers summary

We were surprised and extremely delighted by the overwhelming interest and support from various nationalities; with our highest backers coming from United States (60%) and  South Korea (20%),  We are extremely grateful for your support throughout our journey. With you, anything is possible. Thank you!

JM KimComment