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Smartgolf is the world’s first golf club with built in sensors with Wi-Fi connection and its training application.

Funded via Kickstarter we present the world’s first smart swing trainer with a built in hardware that measure the most important aspects of your swing. Connects to any Wi-Fi accessible device and offers, through an app, a training experience at home or in the office.

It combines training through 3D swing analysis and realistic golf play. Smartgolf app includes a wide variety of others analysis, coaching, single and multiplayer golf games.


Smartgolf is created for the busy worker who cannot play golf or practice their swing whenever they want. Nowadays lots of people find the practicing cost too expensive, have no time after work or have trouble finding an available course.

This is what Smartgolf wanted to solve by inventing a club that would enable them to practice their swing by gaining time and money. No more need to choose between quality time with family or the trip to the course. Play a round of golf while kids watch the morning cartoons.


The Smartgolf club have, unlike any previous swing trainer, sensors which connects with the Smart app. The club is designed like a driver and the length is 35 inches fit for indoor usage, to prevent a compromised feeling, we balanced the weight to maintain accuracy for a great experience with every swing.


The club will sell from 480$ and the application is free.

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