Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


We, at Smartgolf, have had a long exciting 2015. Each month have been like its own year, we have worked day and night to come where we are today. Looking back on 2015 we do have some milestones to share with you.

Early 2015

Beginning of  2015 we created our first functional prototype and our visions for the first time took shape of a physical product. With it we could begin to develop our software and app. This was exciting days, our hopes and goal had taken a huge step toward success. However for us to continue the development we needed funding and support, and knowing that Smartgolf was something not only we where thrilled about but also our peers.


During the summer we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us realizing our dream to make the next generation of swing trainers. We received great support from the community and succeeded with our crowdfunding.  The support from all our peers and backers really gave us the spirit to continue with our vision to make golf more accessible! 

Once again we, on Smartgolf, thank you for all of your support.


After the Kickstarter campaign we received the funds needed to continue with our product and software developing. We have iterate countless of times and revised both the app and the club. This process has consumed time and needed hard work, from not only us, at the Smartgolf team, but our family and friends have also played a great role for supporting us. We feel thanks full for everyone involved and those who participated in helping us. Allowing us today standing proud with the finalized product and placed the order for manufacturing preparing launch! 


Smartgolf has great plans for 2016 we are looking forward to release and show what we have been working on for so long: the club, the application and all its features. This is what we have in mind for 2016, the harvest of what has been a long but giving road. 

Continue to follow us and enter 2016 with the same excitement as we, on Smartgolf, have!

Smartgolf wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and the best 2016.