The world's first SMART Putter!

Practice, play, analyze

Discover a new way of practicing whenever and wherever you might be!

Powerful APP

Connect to the App and practice your putts or compete against your friends on a virtual field!


Even without the app, receive professional feedback from the SMART Putter with the LED Level Indicator!


Activate the laser to practice your aim and build up your muscle memory! Deactivate the laser to play and show off your new skills!


 Don't let anything stop you from exercising your passion!

  • Affordable yet highly practical, the SMARTGOLF Putter lets you practice anytime and anywhere! With or without your phone, practice with the world's first Smart putter!
  • Practice whichever skill you need! Balance, Face-angle, Path-angle, Rhythm and much more! Even 10 minutes a day will help you get those extra strokes off your game!
  • Easy to connect, the SMARTGOLF Putter is equipped with top of the line sensors connected to the App to provide you with professional feedback on your strokes!


Constantly improving

Our team is continuously creating new content for you to practice with!

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