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Born2Global Centre( )のメンバー企業であるSMARTGOLF LLC( )は、クラウドファンディングプラットフォーム、Makuake( )を通じてスマートゴルフシステム、SMARTGOLF(スマートゴルフ)( )を立ち上げた。

4月13日に始まったSMARTGOLF( )は、7日間で当初のクラウドファンディング目標の4300%を達成した(クラウドファンディングは5月27日まで受付を続ける)。Read More

あなたのゴルフスイング、AIが分析・アドバイスします【SMARTGOLF SYSTEM】

SMARTGOLF LLCはクリニックレベルの分析機能を備えた、AIベースのゴルフスイング練習ツール【SMARTGOLF SYSTEM】をMakuakeにてプロジェクト実施中です。

自分ではどこをどう直せばいいのかなかなかわからないスイングをAIが分析してくれるという練習クラブとアプリのご紹介です。Read More

ゴルフスコアの半分はパター。パター練習を科学的にサポートし、家ではゲームのように楽しめる「Smart Putter」がクラウドファンディングで目標金額の330%を達成!

株式会社ヤベツジャパンが、2018年11月30日クラウドファンディングサイト「Greenfunding」にて「ゴルフスコアの半分はパター。パター練習を科学的にサポートし、家ではゲームのように楽しめるSmart Putter」を先行予約受付中です。Greenfundingでは早期予約割引として定価の37~49%OFFのコースを用意しました。製品は2019年3月以降発送予定です。Read More

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“SmartGolf’s Smart Putter brings laser-precision to your putting stroke”  – Jul 11, 2018

There are a lot of ways to deliver the golf club to the ball. As long as the club face is square through impact, though, the shot will likely be good.

Same goes for putting. These past decades have seen an explosion of putter styles and putting strokes. But as long as the putter face travels through impact squarely, the ball will travel on the intended line. A perfect read and perfect speed won’t make many putts…  Read More

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“SmartGolf Putter Doubles As Training Aid ” 

App Measures Stroke Path, Face Angle, Rhythm – May 3, 2018For the most part training aids fall into two broad categories: Those that require electricity and, sometimes, a screen; and those that don’t. The SmartGolf Putter has one foot in both. Sort of...Read More.


“The Smart Putter wants to help improve your golf game” – March 15, 2018Try as you might, playing endless rounds of mini golf probably will not help you much with your putting technique. Happily, there’s a slightly more sophisticated option that you might consider if you’re looking to up your game. Meet the new Smart Putter from SmartGolf,..Read More.


“Smart Golf Putter Analyzes Golfer’s Stroke and Helps Them Improve” – March 07, 2018The Smart Putter is the only club on the market that is able to indicate exactly the level and aim of the putter while 3D analyzes the speed, tempo and rhythm of the golfer’s swing. The Smart Putter was built to help golfers strengthen their game by taking advantage of the highest tech available...Read More.


“SmartGolf Releases First Sensor-Equipped Golf Putter that Allows Players to Practice Anywhere” – March 07, 2018The market’s most innovative golf putter is here. Meet The Smart Putter: the groundbreaking tool built to help you elevate your game with the help of some of the most advanced mobile technology available...Read More.


“SmartGolf Android/ios App – Play, Visualize, Analyze, Improve” – December 21, 2017The ever advancing technology has made us believe that anything is possible in the contemporary world. A number of innovations take place every day. The new gadgets are introduced challenging the already existing ones. Be it the smartphone industry or sports, both of them require new gadgets with advancing times. ..Read More.


“Smart Putter with Built-In LED Level Indicator, Laser Pointer Launches on Indiegogo” – July 25, 2017 K-ICT Born2Global Centre (Born2Global), a major Korean government agency, announced on July 20 that SMARTGOLF, a member startup of Born2Global, successfully launched “Smart Putter” with built-in LED level indicator, laser pointer on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo ..Read More.


“Introducing the SmartGolf Putter, a revolution in the world of golf training” – May 23, 2017SMARTGOLF has launched its new Kickstarter campaign ( for their newest innovation in the world of golf technology in the form of a putter...Read More.


“SmartGolf’s new gadget is perfect for ‘that guy’ who practices his swing at the office” – March 17, 2017Unless you have an incredible amount of time and money, most people aren’t able to enjoy the game of golf more than a few times a year. This is certainly a problem in a sport which requires hours of weekly practice to maintain muscle memory and form. Enter SmartGolf and its product built to accommodate anyone’s busy schedule. With it, anyone has the ability to practice their backswing whenever, wherever...Read More.


“Looking to up your putting game? Check out the SmartGolf Putter” – December 18, 2016Not all of us were born Tiger Woods (in fact, only one of us was), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have professional golf aspirations. And here to help you go a step beyond fantasy into actual execution is a new connected device that claims to be the “world’s first smart golf putter.” ..Read More.

“SMARTGOLF Putter with Sensors that Tracks Your Game” – December 12, 2016You can’t expect to become better at golf without practice. The SMARTGOLF Putter helps you practice in a smarter fashion. It comes with built-in sensors to help you track and analyze your performance. It combines with your smartphone to show your moves in 3D...Read More.


“SmartGolf Club selected as “notable mobile technologies” at the MWC 2016 – March 07, 2016SmartGolf, which was developed by IdeaLink, can systematically analyze one’s swing by using its 9-axis motion sensors, and users can record their swings by using the button on the grip. Furthermore, users can freely move while using the product, as the analyzed swing data is wirelessly transmitted to a smartphone application. ..Read More.

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“Analyze Your wing With The SmartGolf Club” –  July 5, 2015There are many ways the average golfer can improve their technique but most are not easily accessible or affordable. Private lessons are increasingly expensive and hi-tech virtual simulators are not often open to recreational players...Read More