Smartgolf app

The most effective solution for your golf


Real-time Accurate Analysis

Swing Analysis

Keep track of your overall club speed, rhythm and club angle in real time analysis.

Impact Analysis

Observe the face, and path angle of your club at impact point.

Compare Mode

Compare your recorded swing that the recorded swing from a professional golfer.

real-time movement

The avatar will move in exact accordance with your swing movement. 

With Inverse Kinematics implemented on the avatar, the avatar will move beyond animation to follow your swing



Putting Analysis

With the Smart Putter, analyze your putting stroke on vital factors ( Face/Path angle, Speed, Rhythm/Tempo)

Virtual Green

Practice putting on the virtual green. With Wind, Elevation of the terrain in mind. 

Build proper muscle memory.

Real Time Evaluation

Access quick evaluation every time you putt on the virtual green .