Can I track my order

Once the payment is confirmed, the product will be shipped within 1-2 working day period. Once the shipment process has begun, we will notify the approximate delivery date alongside the shipment tracking number.

Where do you ship to

With the SmartGolf storage being located two place. one is in Seoul, Korea and the other is in San Jose, California.

Shipment in North America is a expedient process (1-2 days). 

Shipment to all the other regions will take at least 3~5 days with the customs and international shipping process. 


What about Warranty?

The Limited Warranty is generally for our SmartGolf products enabled to a Warranty period of 365 days (1 year) from the date of purchase with a proof of purchase (With the original receipt/proof of purchase only). The original receipt MUST be kept for verification when repair/replacement service is required. If you purchase the SmartGolf products from an unofficial reseller, you are not entitled for free Warranty and support. Please control and purchases the product from one of the listed resellers to ensure entitlement for free Warranty and support. This Limited Warranty statement gives customers legal rights specified in the statement, however Local laws may which may vary from state to state in The United States, or country to country which, thus deemed modified with accordance to those.


Can the Smart Putter endure the real course?

The Smart Putter is a standard steel mallet (designed for actual use) with digital components such as the level indicator and laser pointer built on. Therefore, it is an effective putter on the actual course made by a professional club maker from South Korea. The inner digital components have all been tested and certified (FCC, CE) for shock, water, wind and humidity making it usable for the actual course.

Can it be used on the green?

The Smart Putter is a standard steel mallet (designed for actual use) with digital components such as the level indicator and laser pointer built on as an effective putter on the actual course. However The PGA rule is not allowed the laser in the putter head, so you may use it for the actual course with friends not for PGA match.


Are there any variations of Smart Putter?

There are only variations on color (Red/Black) oh head. Once you have strong knowledge and muscle memory with Smart Putter, the differency of head type or shaft length are no longer main issues. Scientific putting mechanism will be added to your golf skill with Smart Putter.

Different type of clubs?

There are variations on stiffness of shaft(Blue/Black) for club. SmartGolf club is designed for practice swing, analyse impact point and swing path. With only a SmartGolf club you can check all the different type of swing.