How it works

The Smart Golf club is the first smart swing trainer with high-tech hardware installed inside a poly-carbonate shell. The sensors capture the key aspects of your swing, which can be instantly viewed on any Smart device using the club's built in Wi-Fi transmitter.

Three physics concepts come in to play when hitting a powerful drive: torque, centripetal force, and the double pendulum effect. Mastering the double pendulum effect can make your swing feel smoother and effortless. Our Smart Golf club offers a new innovative approach in mastering the double pendulum effect while having fun.


Connect your club to the App through SMARTGOLF's very own Wi-Fi solution. By using Wi-Fi over Bluetooth, you can connect your club to far more devices compared to previous swing trainers. 

Setup in a matter of minutes

Although the system may be high-tech, everyone can setup the Smart Golf club in a few simple steps:

  • Turn on and connect the club to your device via Wi-Fi
  • Open the SMARTGOLF App and login to your Account
  • Start practicing your swing
  • Analyze your swing on your device

Key metrics

The App measures, analyses and provides feedback on all critical key metrics of your golf swing. In order to identify which adjustments are required to achieving the perfect swing, the App provides a 3D recreation of your swing. Users can view all of their swings, and see how they hold against the professionals.


  • Precise analysis with 3 sophisticated patents
  • Built in hardware that provides accurate swing data
  • Rebalanced club that gives an optimal swing experience
  • 9-axis sensors that captures every swing motion
  • 3D display
  • Key metrics analysis
  • Coaching and guides to make you improve
  • Ability to train anytime anywhere
  • Play with friends and family
  • Compete with others around the world
  • Connect to your smart device using Wi-Fi

Tracing the Exact Pattern of your swing

Review swing data immediately after each swing by watching the App's avatar recreate your swing to exact precision. Key metrics such as club head speed, face angle and swing plane will be visualized through the App. SMARTGOLF helps you improve your swing through swing pattern recognition, allowing you to discover what you are doing right and what needs adjusting.

3D recreation of you swing plane

The main reason why professional golfers hit the ball longer and straighter than amateurs is due to the consistency in their swing plane. The backswing and downswing should be matching, which means they should take the same path for both backswing and downswing. Amateurs often have a swing plane where the backswing and downswing have two different swing planes. To overcome this problem, compare your swing with our graphic 3D recreation, adjust the backswing and downswing based on recommendations from SMARTGOLF and watch your drive improve. A consistent swing plane will not only improve your accuracy, but give you a high satisfaction and overall enjoyment while playing golf. 

Accurate Data Analysis for an Accurate Swing

The trajectory of the ball can be determined through the Smart Golf club. Three factors contribute to the trajectory analysis: face, club path and angle attack. Face is determined by the position of the club, measured by the angle differential between the target line and the club. Second, club path is when the club head passes over the impact zone. The club detects if the swing is outside-in, inside-in or inside-out. Lastly, angle attack is when the impact is used to determine if it was a down blow, level blow, or an upper blow shot. Using our App, you can learn and understand how the club's angle affects the path of the ball.

Speed Benchmark: Monitor Your Progress

The distance reached by the ball is determined by your swing speed and angle of hitting point. Our App monitors the speed of the head at any given time of your swing, including the impact speed and whether it accelerates evenly towards maximum speed at impact. Our Smart Golf App will tell you if you need to increase your speed and highlight where more power should be applied to optimum acceleration. The head speed of a pro golfer is around 50m/s, an average male golfer is around 40m/s and female golfer is about 30m/s.

Shaft Angle Analysis: Capturing the Smallest Variations in Your Stance

Shaft angle rotation is a critical factor in determining the trajectory of the ball. The ball won’t reach the target if the user lacks control. To counter this problem, our App allows you to examine your stance before swinging.

Your Golf, Your Tempo

A golf swing consists of different elements, all joined together to create one smooth stroke (takeaway, backswing, downswing, follow- through, finish). Swing tempo (pace of swing) varies from golfer to golfer, therefore, there is no such thing as a “perfect tempo’’. However, it is important to have a regular and consistent tempo to achieve your highest potential. SMARTGOLF helps you benchmark your performance and monitor the evolution of your swing to find the best tempo for you. Pro golfers often have a backswing/downswing tempo ratio of 3:1, check out which tempo suits you the most.

unique connectivity for the industry

Since SMARTGOLF is both a swing trainer and a simulator, from day one we envisaged that the App should work on all Smart devices, including the screen in your conference room. That is why we at SMARTGOLF wanted to create a unique Wi-Fi solution instead of the market standard Bluetooth. In addition to the number of compatible devices, Wi-Fi boasts improved signal strength and greater reliability.  

Game Mode

With SMARTGOLF being a hybrid between the traditional swing trainer and simulator, we added a game to the App to allow the user to practice their swing and play a round at the same time. Challenge your friends and coworkers to a round of golf from inside your own office or see how you fare against players around the world on our world ranking system.