The Smart Golf club is the world's first high-tech swing trainer with built in sensors that provides precise analysis for your golf swing. Simply connect to the App via Wi-Fi for instant analysis and detailed feedback. 

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How it works 

Find out how SMARTGOLF, as the world's first smart golf club, analyzes and improves your swing.

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World wide launch!


 Order your Smart Golf club now for $450 (limited time only)

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  • 365 days warranty.
  • Works on all smart devices, including Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Download the Smart Golf App for Free.
  • Available in regular or stiff flex shaft.

"There are many ways the average golfer can improve their technique but most are not easily accessible or affordable. The Smart Golf company is ready to change this problem of accessibility to golf technology with their innovative invention, the Smart Golf club. It certainly holds promise to become a hi-tech club in the bag of any golfer as it could end up providing much more practical access to swing analysis technology for golfers of any age and skill level.”