Can I track my order?

Once the payment is confirmed, the product will be shipped within a 1-2 working day period. Once the shipment process has begun, we will notify the approximate delivery date with the shipment tracking number.

Where do you ship to?

SmartGolf storage is located in two places, one being in Seoul, Korea and the other in San Jose, California. Shipment in North America is an expedient process (1-2 days). Shipment to all the other regions will take at least 3-5 days with the customs and international shipping process.


What about Warranty?

The Limited Warranty is generally for our SmartGolf products enabled to a Warranty period of 365 days (1 year) from the date of purchase with proof of purchase (With the original receipt/proof of purchase only). The original receipt MUST be kept for verification when repair/replacement service is required. If you purchase the SmartGolf products from an unofficial reseller, you are not entitled to free Warranty and support. Please control and purchase the product from one of the listed resellers to ensure entitlement for free Warranty and support. This Limited Warranty statement gives customers the legal rights specified in the statement. However, local laws may vary from state to state in The United States, or country to country, which would be deemed modified in accordance with those.


How is it different from existing practice clubs?

The world’s highest technology IoT swing analyzer, which has been proven since 2015, can provide accurate swing practice and data that was previously impossible with simple swing practice clubs and poor gaming consoles.

What are the benefits of swing practice compared to expensive golf simulators?

The fixed installation type simulator, which is extremely expensive, is mainly aimed at impact analysis after swinging and reproducing the trajectory of the golf ball. Therefore, it is difficult to improve the form and improve the ability after the swing. The SMARTGOLF Club has the advantage that you can receive not only analysis but also coaching and advice on the full swing, starting from the address position and proceeding throughout the entire swing.

What are the differences from other companies' IoT swing practice & game products?

Since launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in the US in 2015, there are currently 4 to 5 copy products on the market. There is a marked difference in technological capabilities from these counterfeit products, especially (1)real-time club interlocking, (2)analysis accuracy, and (3)artificial intelligence coaching functions which can only be realized with SMARTGOLF.

Why is accuracy so important compared to recreational golf games?

In a golf game where you can play the game just by swinging any way you want, actual golf ability isn’t so important and this results in the formation of bad habits in the swing form. It is important to accurately correct your swing and improve your golfing skills as much as possible. In addition, showing the trajectory of the ball based on sophisticated analysis can enhance the immersive feeling just like real golf. Accurate golf clubs from SMARTGOLF are necessary and important for improving golf ability.

Why do you want to lower pricing even though features and performance are differentiated?

We are confident that it is of high quality as it has more functions than other simple practice equipment and game machines, but at this price it provides an opportunity for many golfers and beginners to use it as a solid swing practice tool. We set the price strategically so that anyone can have access to it.


What is 3D Swing Analysis?

Not only does it analyze swing information on impact, but it also records and displays information on each section of the entire swing, analyzes the section by playing the avatar, and performs coaching.

What is Artificial Intelligence Coaching?

It means a scientific fully automatic swing coaching method made possible by introducing state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and developing swing labeling and analysis algorithms.

How did you get the help from professional golfers and golf physics?

With the cooperation of professionals and coaches belonging to USGA, KPGA, KLPGA and JLPGA, we were able to collect various swing data. We have developed an AI algorithm in collaboration with the Department of Golf at Gyeonghui University and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Westgang University.

How much is the golf game reflected?

Currently, the distance and trajectory of the golf ball are reflected based on the user’s swing and various factors like tempo, speed, and club angle. Precision and artificial intelligence coaching for improving the golf swing is all ahead. However, we are currently planning to provide additional multi-network games to make the whole experience even more enjoyable.