Practice Makes Perfect

2021-04-30 14:59

Golf is a complicated sport and requires a certain amount of practice to be able to get to a decent level and perform well on the real golf course. Many beginners end up extremely frustrated and lose interest rather quickly. They often want to rush to play on the course and are reluctant to put the necessary time in on the practice range before attempting to play on the real course.

Because of the relatively simple nature of putting compared to that of a full swing, many beginners feel that putting is much easier to improve and don’t feel it’s necessary to practice as much. People often forget about the importance of putting and fail to realize that it normally makes up for around 47% of our strokes on the course. The Smart Putter has been specifically designed to address this and help golfers of all levels practice their putting in a more precise and efficient manner. The beauty of it is that it may be used as both a practice aid and a standard putter on the course.

So far the general feedback from users has been extremely positive and they are loving the functionality of the Smart Putter. However, we are finding that some users are struggling to keep focused on the real course and finding it difficult to maintain a square stroke and keep the laser in the center of the ball. It is important to realize that putting on the practice green or in your home is always going to be vastly different from the actual course. There are many factors to take into consideration like the weather, the break, the slope, the speed and the pressure associated with playing on the real course.

Because of this, we suggest that players must put in the necessary time on the practice green or mat before attempting to use it on the course. It is important to build up the muscle memory and create a level balanced stroke that can easily be replicated on the course. We want to practice with the laser until it feels natural and can be consistently repeated under any given circumstances. It is important to take your time to lay a solid foundation and create a stable stroke before rushing out onto the course.

The Smart Putter has all the features needed to build a solid stroke and ultimately result in more holed putts out there on the course. It just takes dedication and adequate practice to feel as comfortable as possible with your stroke before attempting to take it onto the course. Remember, practice makes perfect and just like the old saying, ‘Drive for show, Putt for dough’.