smart putter

The Smart Putter offers you an easy-to-use solution by leveling your stroke 

while helping you keep the proper alignment between the ball, putter, and pin.


World's most advanced 

The Smart Putter is a face balanced mallet style putter.

At 3 degrees of loft with the lie angle of 72 degrees, Smart Putter is specially designed to function perfectly as your gamer. 

With built in LED level indicators and Laser Aim, it is the most effective way to build a winning muscle memory.


LED level indicator

Keep your stroke smooth and level without ruining your stance

LED level indicators light up instantly according to the level of the putter.

You can check the stability of your putter without ruining posture


Laser aim

Ensure your aim is true and contact square.

The built-in laser aimer lets you know exactly where the putter face is aimed.

Confirm proper alignment between the putter face, ball and hole.


Analyze your stroke

Replay your recorded putting stroke, compare with previous strokes for improvement. 

With Smartgolf's own golf physics, practice your putts in a virtual green with real physics applied to the ball.


Your gamer putter

With an easy turn off button, use the putter on the field just like any other.