Introducing the new generation swing analyzer for your effective personal trainer. 

The Smart Club is the world's first digital swing trainer with built in sensors that provide a precise analysis of your swing. 

Simply connect to the Smartgolf app with Wi-Fi for a real time analysis.

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Anytime anywhere

Constant practice of your swing is a must for you to improve your game. 

With the Smart Club, practice your swing anywhere with detailed analysis and feedback

from the Smartgolf app on your phone, computer and TV.

Office, Lobby, Backyard, Bedroom. Wherever you want.



Designed to be effective


With  9-axis accelerometer gyroscope, compass built in the head of the club, the Smart Club offers the most accurate and precise swing data just for you. 

Regular and 35 inch stiff shaft, making it suitable for outdoors and giving you the real "feel" of a club.