Pro Coach

As a golf trainer, I used use many different types of golf swing device, cause of my job.  SmartGolf club is quite different compare to the others. It provide the most accurate data with 3d manner, moreover providing the simultaneous swing trajectory is really helped to explain swing mechanism for trainee.

Jaehun Paek / USGA, South Korea

This is a FANTASTIC device. This Smart club shows graphical way, easy to understand, accurate swing data. This is a certainly useful tool for me to teach the beginner. Thanks SmartGolf!

Hyoju Lee / KLPGA , South Korea


Most of my struggle with putting was at setup position and maintaining a level stroke. This putter acts as the most adequate way to ensure a square setup and a smooth putting stroke.

Wayan Sudiarta / Jakarta, Indonesia

The overall use of SmartGolf is very VERY useful.I was quite surprised to find out where my putter was actually facing. The laser really helped me build a more consistent stroke and a better feel with my putting.

Ben Corlett / Cape town, South Africa

Really like the concept of having a putter that can act as a great training aid but also a regular mallet on the course. Had a lot of doubts before using it, but all cleared after the first putt on the green.

Robert Uren / Melbourne, Australia