Our Story

SmartGolf is a Golf-tech enterprise that is comprised of avid members with one united goal. Bringing Golf practice to a level where anyone can deliberately practice efficiently, effectively and most importantly with laughs and smiles. Golf requires proper and consistent training in order to fully enjoy the sport. Yet, our 21st century lifestyles do not leave adequate space for orthodox practice methods. To break this barrier called “hard & dry practice” that keeps players from golf, we have marched since March 2015 and still are with persistence and passion.



Family, Comrade, Companion

The true backbone of SmartGolf is the passionate team behind it.  All 6 members share a valuable experience that they utilize and bring to the table. From university professors and golf instructors to game engineers and the military ,the SmartGolf team is a melting pot of passionate people grinding to reach and surpass our objective. Team members may not all be scratch golfers, however we all believe in the dream of making golf more accessible with SmartGolf.