SmartGolf Culture

The Tee is where you feel comfortable.


The ancient sport of Golf has evolved according to the circumstances of its environment and social composition.  SmartGolf aims to lead another stage of re-shaping Golf into a sport and content that is adaptable to an individual’s specific routine and preference. Into a sport that can be loved and enjoyed regardless of time and space, transcending the restrictions. 

A New Golf Culture 


The accessibility and virtual content of SmartGolf is the gateway that will bring ‘New Golf’ into your daily routine. Activate the SmartGolf App with your Smart Club and tee of in your nearest cafe or pub. Bring your friends into the fold and utilize SmartGolf as means to interact with your daily social cycle. 

Premier motion sensor technology in SmartGolf allows users to obtain and manage their own ‘unique’ swing data which can be transferred as assets for interpretation and data processing. Data gained with mobile precision technology rather than stats and scores written with a pen will be the decisive advantage in achieving high performance with Golf.

With mobile Golf, integration of e-commerce, swing analysis powered by big data, AI coaching services, and Golf as e-sports will be a reality provided by SmartGolf. High-performance Smart equipment and the Mobile SmartGolf system is the future of your Golf.