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Smart Putter


The final and decisive solution for your putting game. 

 The Smart Putter is a face-balanced mallet putter that guarantees a level, balanced and square stroke. With digital components such as the LED level indicator and the laser aiming system, the Smart Putter allows the player to build and sustain an effective stroke memory. 

The Smart Putter itself sends precise movement data to the SmartGolf App, which allows a thorough 3D analysis of your stroke. 

 Focus on your putting and let the Smart Putter analyze and train your stroke. 

Designed in US and manufactured in South Korea, the Smart Putter can be used

Quality and Precision is Supreme

The 9-axis Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass tracks and measures your exact stroke with perfect precision. With advanced bluetooth & Wi-Fi communication technology, the Smart Putter sends your stroke data to the Smartgolf App. 

The sensor technology behind the Smart Putter guarantees accurate measurement when it comes to improving your putting game. 

The overall weight and appearance of the putter head has been designed with perfection by professional club makers to give you a real putting feel with the advanced digital components.