SmartGolf App Update / Crowdfunding Campaign Follow Up

Hello supporters and interested golfers, 

It has been a long time since our last update on SmartGolf progress. 

There is two great news that had to be shared which is the reason being behind this new update. 

The software of the SmartGolf app has been furnished internally and has achieved a maximum level of accuracy compared to the previous version. The movement of the clubhead is portrayed by the 3D club and the avatar to the level of exact accurate measures. 

Alongside the significant progress on the SmartGolf app, shipment for all the crowdfunding campaigns has been processed through with further purchases and product fix/warranty issues all taken cared of. 

The progress and improvement of the SmartGolf app and the successful measures taken to address our initial supporters from our crowdfunding campaign marks another advancement in the SmartGolf greater progress. 

Thank you,