3D Swing Analysis

The Most Effective & Accessible

The precise movement data transmitted from the SmartGolf equipment allows the 3D avatar to portray the user’s swing and movement in detailed animation and muscle expressions. 

SmartGolf analysis provides visual data such as the speed graph, colored planes and club angles. Analysis that can actually provide guidance and help the user rather than just numerical data. 


Your Movement, Your Swing, Your Analysis

With the world’s first real-time calibration technology, the 3D avatar will move and follow your exact swing in close accordance. 

Observe and analyze your exact movement and swing in different perspectives for a thorough examination


Comprehensive 3D Putting Stroke Analysis

The precise movement data (level horizontal movement, angular change, direction) is analyzed for speed/angle analysis and expressed by the avatar in close accordance. The presented data is by far the most accurate putting data in the field and industry. This patented technology ensures precision and allows golfers to practice on concrete data and visualization.

Speed Graph – Putter Head speed throughout the entire stroke. Impact market indicating the exact point of impact on the speed representation.Tempo/Rhythm – Table on the time (backswing – impact – follow through), swing rhythm. Face Angle – Visual representation of the angular change (Face Angle) throughout the stroke (Setup – Follow).


Precise Impact Analysis that guarantees improvement. 

The Impact Analysis offers an overhead perspective on the path of the stroke. Incorporating data from the angular change, speed acceleration and the initial shock at impact, Impact Analysis offers precise analysis on impact of the golfer’s putting stroke. The ultimate tool that will eliminate guessing from your putting practice.

Face Angle – Visual diagram on the Face Angle during Impact. The exact angle at impact to the decimal point and angle observance (close/open) is provided.

Path Angle – Visual diagram on the Path Angle during Impact. The exact angle of the overall path to the decimal point and path observance ( Out to In – In to Out) is provided. 

Bring effectiveness to your practice


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