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One Club to Master your Swing

Swing Practice is Hard.


Difficult to visualize and know what’s right or wrong with your swing


Difficult to improve your swing by yourself


Ultimately requires intensive work, time and money

Therefore, the Solution

One club to capture and analyze your swing + Swing Analysis/Simulation Application

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Swing Axis analysis

The display of the changes in the shaft angle at address and impact.

Reduce the gap between the angles at impact and address and acheive a stable swing trajectory.

Head Speed Analysis

The display of the speed of the club head througout the swing.

Check the maximum speed point and practice in accordance to the given tips and analysis, ensuring acceleration into impact.

Swing Tempo Analysis

The display of the backswing and downswing tempo ratio.

Observe the numerical and graphical representation of the swing tempo. Match the tempo in accordance to the tip to form an ideal swing tempo of roughly 3:1.

Impact angle analysis

The display of the head angular metrics (Face/Path angle) at impact. 

Observe the face, path, attack and smash factor of the swing and understand the three dimensional path of the club head at impact.

A.I Coach

Display of A.I verdicts on each stage of the swing.

Observe the judgement made by the A.I coach and identify areas in need of improvement. 
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